Today’s financial services providers are expected to adapt to both regulatory and customers-led changes. Smartphone use is rising, customers are demanding tailored and relevant information and services, and regulators are mandating openness, underpinned by APIs which create connections between providers in the digital ecosystem but also intensify competitive pressures.

In light of these change drivers, the imperative retail banks and new entrants in the financial services market to deliver personalised mobile banking capabilities to their customers is increasing all the time.

But the implementation of mobile financial services is difficult, costly and time-consuming. That’s were Spencr comes in: we offer you the plug-n-play solution you need.

Mobile experience

An award
winning mobile app

Our mobile application has been tested not just in tech labs but in the actual field, resulting in up-to-standard user friendliness and flexibility to adapt to all your specific needs. Augmented with touch ID, SIRI integration, in-app onboarding and much more, it goes beyond the traditional mobile banking functionalities you expect to deliver to your clients.

Big data

A state of the art
big data solution.

We partner with NG Data to enable you bridge the gap between the worlds of data intelligence and business actions. Spencr makes it possible to truly understand your customers and put insights into actions to increase your bottom line.

Low efforts. Fast.

plug and play

Financial Institutions: No need for costly and time-consuming procedures. Our mobile services are ready-to-use with plug-n-play simplicity and easy integration with your core banking, so that you can start offering your customers the best mobile services right away.

New entrants: Whether you’re a telco, a retail company, or a service provider willing to enter the mobile financial services market, Spencr facilitates this transformation by offering you an easy to-implement end-to-end solution, including a core-banking system, that complements your current value proposition.

From day one, Spencr helps you boost your digital sales strategy and allows embedding accounts and functionalities offered by other partners in your own Spencr solution.

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